South Burnett Peer Support Group


The South Burnett Peer Support Group are a group of individuals with a disability and their families and supporters who first came together in 2015 with the desire to support and be supported in their journey with disability.

We warmly welcome everyone and provide a safe, accepting space to speak freely, give and receive encouragement, problem solve and just be together with others who are in similar circumstances.

We provide an opportunity to gather information, exchange ideas, connect with others and share experiences.


  • Share our experiences, provide practical advice and referral to useful sources of information.

  • Endeavour to educate the wider community about supporting, including, and appreciating the contribution of people with a disability and their families

  • Create the opportunity to identify issues and challenges within our community that affect people with a disability

  • Work together to find and implement solutions to those issues

  • Endeavour to create a more welcoming community, increasing accessibility and supporting organisations, businesses, and individuals to be more inclusive of people with a disability


The South Burnett Peer Support Group identified the need in our community for easier access to information on, and links to, a variety of topics where disability specific information would assist people in their decision making or enable further research depending on their own circumstances.

We applied for, and were fortunate to receive, funding from the NDIS ILC program to create a website to enable this information to be more freely accessible.

Boy Playing with Blocks
Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse


The aim of the NDIS ILC program, as per the NDIS website, is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • People with disability have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to participate and contribute to the community

  • People with disability are connected and have the information they need to make choices and decisions

  • People with disability use and benefit from the same mainstream services as everyone else

  • People with disability use and benefit from the same community activities as everyone else


This website content has been put together (created?) by people with a disability and their families.  We are deeply grateful for the assistance of Selina Carey of Pink Tractor in creating our Website for us.  'Pink Tractor Design Studio is a small rural graphic & web design studio based in Queensland's South Burnett. They offer affordable graphic and web design services to local, national and international businesses and individuals.'

We hope that our Website will indeed assist people in our community as per the NDIS ILC program stated aims.

We acknowledge that our Website is a work in progress and encourage feedback from our community on ways to improve the site, suggestions for further inclusions and any other information that assists us to make the Website more informative, accessible and user friendly for people with a disability and their families and supporters. 

We also express our deep appreciation to Graham House Community Centre, their board, and Manager Chris Withers-Mayne for being our auspicing body.  Their encouragement and support have been a huge factor in enabling this project to be completed.